Hot Tub Maintenance Plans

Buying and maintaining a Hot Tub can be costly. So why not protect you investment with a Hot Tub repair and service maintenance plan.

In the same way that your car needs to be regularly looked after, so does your Hot Tub. It is essential that the water is changed on a regular basis and serviced at the very least annually. Investing in a pay monthly plan will give you your very own Hot Tub engineer, giving you peace of mind 365 days a year, whether its a Spa service or Spa repair our plan will cover it.

Please contact us to discuss further and let us make sure you always have a Heavenly Hot Tub.

Our vehicles are all equipped with Spa Chemicals, Spa Parts, Spa Pillows and Spa Accessories that you may need.

Just need Hot Tub advice or a Spa part?



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