Holiday Lodge - Leasing Offer

Heavenly Hot Tubs are offering a leasing deal of a brand new
Hot Tub starting from £399.00 per month to all holiday property owners.

During the lease period, the Hot Tub will be fully maintained by Heavenly Hot Tubs.  At the end of the leasing period Heavenly Hot Tubs will remove the Hot Tub and offer the owner a brand new tub and leasing deal.

Hot Tub Leasing

Increase your Bookings / Revenue / Net Profit!

It's very well known that offering a Hot Tub with your holiday let can significantly increase ones bookings. How?
- Attractive to potential guests

- Increases bookings all year round, even when the snow is falling!

- Differentiates ones' let from those without a tub allowing an owner to charge more and throughout the year, more than covering the cost of the Hot Tub leading to higher revenue and increased net profit.


No significant capital outlay

A Hot Tub of similar quality to what we offer costs about £5000 plus VAT to purchase outright. Similar to a car lease we require 3 x monthly payments up front and depending on the term an agreed monthly payment thereafter.

Why would one fork out £5500 of capital when the leasing offer provides the same asset at a modest monthly cost and no repair costs for 3 years?

No repair costs during the lease period!

Although it is highly unlikely, Hot Tubs can break down through usage. In most cases, owners would have the cost of the repair and also unhappy guests that would no doubt demand a refund for not being able to use the Hot Tub.

Heavenly Hot Tubs will meet cost of correcting any technical faults arising during the lease period and will do so with minimum delay.

NB - Heavenly Hot Tubs will not accept any consequential claims relating to breakdowns. Nor will Heavenly Hot Tubs pay for rectifying damage to hot tub caused by mis-use which Lessee must pay for.

A Brand New Hot Tub 

With Holiday Letting being such a scrutinizing industry to operate in, it's crucial that the assets you offer are of the best quality. We provide our clients with only the best; state of the art Hot Tubs made and assembled in the USA, the leading country providing innovation and technology for Spas and Hot Tubs.


Contact us today to register your interest  - 0141 471 6508 or email


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