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Full Service from £329.99

  • Check the operation of all systems.
  • Ampere pull, and overall check of all electrical components.
  • Add a bio-film remover for your internal plumbing.
  • Remove and chemically clean your filter.
  • Add a shock dose to kill any bugs and nasties.
  • Check the cabinet and shell for leaks, damage and condition.
  • Check the condition of your cover and clips.
  • Drain down your tub.
  • Clean the acrylic surface.
  • Remove any marks and stains where possible.
  • Remove and clean the jets as much as possible.
  • Ensure jets operate correctly.
  • Rinse out your tub.
  • Wet vac out any remaining debris and water.
  • Towel dry the surface.
  • Remove scale and debris from pumps.
  • Check heater element and seals.
  • Check pump union seals.
  • Re-fill your tub.
  • Bleed all pumps of air.
  • Re-commission and check for leaks and correct operation.
  • Balance the water using the customer’s choice chemicals.
  • Check all systems ensuring they work correctly.
  • Clean and treat the cover with vinyl protector.
  • Re-check ampere pull of components.
  • Reset filter cycles and time on control panel.
  • Report any problems or advisories to the customer.
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