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Gold Service


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Gold Service

10 Step Service now £329

Up to 4 hours for £329, £25 for each 1/4 hour thereafter.

  1. Testing of all electrical components to ensure optimum performance. Replace as necessary any faulty parts covered by warranty (parts & time permitting). Report to client non-warranty worn/defective parts, agree cost of works with customer before proceeding (parts & time permitting).
  2. Spa Cover & Cabinet – clean & treat lid with protector & clean cabinet.
  3. Clean & Vacuum Service Compartment.
  4. Circulation Pump – De-scale & Clean (if applicable).
  5. Ozone – De-scale & Clean (if applicable – Accessory Item).
  6. Internal pipe work & Spa Bath – System clean and flush internal pipe work – includes full vac of pipe work to ensure as much removal of water & debris as possible before refill.
  7. Re-grease of gaskets and o-rings behind jets and diverters etc (if applicable).
  8. Spa shell – Clean spa shell.
  9. Filters – Degrease filters and clean with high-pressure hose.
  10. Test water & treat as necessary.

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